Saturday, June 22, 2013

2X faster PhraseQuery with Lucene using C++ via JNI

I recently described the new lucene-c-boost github project, which provides amazing speedups (up to 7.8X faster) for common Lucene query types using specialized C++ implementations via JNI.

The code works with a stock Lucene 4.3.0 JAR and default codec, and has a trivial API: just call instead of

Now, a quick update: I've optimized PhraseQuery now as well:

TaskQPS base StdDev base QPS opt StdDev opt % change
HighPhrase3.5(2.7%)6.5(0.4%)1.9 X
MedPhrase27.1(1.4%)51.9(0.3%)1.9 X
LowPhrase7.6(1.7%)16.4(0.3%)2.2 X

~2X speedup (~90% - ~119%) is nice!

Again, it's great to see a reduced variance on the runtimes since hotspot is mostly not an issue. It's odd that LowPhrase gets slower QPS than MedPhrase: these queries look mis-labelled (I see the LowPhrase queries getting more hits than MedPhrase!).

All changes have been pushed to lucene-c-boost; next I'd like to figure out how to get facets working.


  1. Hey Mike, interesting

    Out of interest, do you have any theories about your why the Java code is so much slower?
    Have you learnt anything about C++ versus Java optimization here?


    1. I suspect most of the gains are from specializing/hardwiring the code to a specific query, collector, etc., but I haven't done the obvious test (create the same specialized code in Java instead of C)...

    2. This is not surprising. Even though Java's performance is close to that of C++, it seems that there is still about a 1.5-2x difference
      See, e.g.: