Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Big Fat Fiasco

I just watched this talk by Tom Naughton, describing the mis-steps and bad science over the years that have tricked us all into believing we should avoid fat and cholesterol in our diet when in fact we should be doing the exact opposite!

Tom is an excellent speaker (he's a comedian!), mixing in humor in what is at heart a very sad topic. He details the science that should have led us to conclude that excessive carbs and sugar consumption are in fact the root cause behind heart disease, diabetes and obesity, not fat and cholesterol as we've been incessantly told over the years.

He shows how the "Fat Lazy Slob Theory" (also called "calories in minus calories out") so frequently put forth to explain weight gain is in fact wrong, and that instead the root cause is the biochemistry in your body driving you to eat when your blood sugar is too high.

Tom's documentary movie Fat Head, which is getting great reviews on Amazon, delves into these same topics. I haven't watched it yet but I plan to.

So enjoy your butter, cheese, whole milk, eggs (with yolk!!) and cut back on sugars and carbs. And don't drink soda!