Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A better grass?

I came across this article about a newly developed grass that does not require the normal intense life-support we all have come to assume is "normal".

You don't have to water it (after the initial seeding), nor apply pesticides nor fertilizer. And it only requires mowing once per month instead of the typical once per week schedule for life-support grass. It was designed to simply survive, naturally, in our challenging northeast climate.

I've always felt that such a grass must exist, but that the existing grass seed companies would not be interested in pursuing it. See, if the grass simply takes care of itself, we all will buy much less grass seed over time. The lawn care service industry will see much less business, mowing our lawns monthly instead of weekly. Manufacturers of pesticides and fertilizers and lawn care equipment will see less demand, etc. It's quite clearly not in the interest of the lawn care industry to pursue nor allow such innovation.

I sure hope this grass is successful, but the pessimist in me expects that in a few years time, either this company will have been sued out of existence, or the rights to this grass will have been purchased for a princely sum, and then promptly shelved, by one of the big established players in the grass seed industry.

For better or worse, capitalism favors waste in mature markets.

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