Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fun with flexible indexing

The Lucene Revolution conference just wrapped up yesterday. It was well attended (~300 or so people). It was great fun to hear about all the diverse ways that Lucene and Solr are being used in the real world.

I gave a talk about flexible indexing, coming in the next major release of Lucene (4.0). Slides are here.


  1. It seems like Lucene 4.0 will be an excellent release, great work. :) So, the unavoidable question follows, is there a rough idea of when it will be released?


  2. It's hard to predict! But we know there's lots of very big improvements pending, so I hope not too long. There are still some known things we need to fix before releasing, eg fix the performance bottleneck in the bulk-read API, and likely switch the default codec to one that does pulsing and int block encoding...

    Of course you can also just try it out by checking out trunk. If you do, please report back about your experience!