Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hurricane Bill is coming!

I find myself, this quiet Saturday morning, in Falmouth MA, staring down the barrel of Hurricane Bill! Seriously, it's headed straight for us, having gained strength last night.

Yet, we're planning to go happily to the beach this morning, anyway. Why play chicken with a hurricane? Because the computer models at the National Weather Service insist that Bill will take a turn northward, sometime very soon, and not in fact touch Cape Cod at all (though it is projected to make landfall in Nova Scotia Sunday PM).

We place alot of confidence in our computer models these days, and I sure hope they're right.

I was in Falmouth for Hurricane Bob in 1991 and it was stunning. Have you ever tried to stand up when 100 mph sustained winds are blowing at you? It's quite an experience, and the resulting damage was unreal.

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